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 Japanese    Sound




2017   May         ANP Interior Design Show Room Exhibition Tokyo, Japan

2015   October     XIth FLORENCE BIENNALE 2017 (Florence, Fortezza da Basso) Florence, Italy

2014   October     Contemporary Art Fair Zurich 2014 (Congress Hall) Zurich, Switzerland

2012   October     Art in Nagahama 2012 Japan

       February    Barking Lizards Art Gallery, NY, USA

2011   September   Barking Lizards Art Gallery, NY, USA


       April       Art for Japan (Studio 57 fine arts), NY, USA

       January     New Year's Celebration Show (JAJA) , NY, USA

2010   October     Fashion Brand Baaa Collaboration Show, Tokyo, Japan


       September   DUMBO Arts Festival, Brooklyn NY, USA

                   JulyPillow Project (A.I.R. Gallery) NY, USA


2009   December    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Sakiko NY), NY, USA

       July        (Hida City Museum), Gifu, Japan


       May         Fashion trade show, exhibitor / art space organizer, NY, USA

       March       Fashion trade show, exhibitor / art space organizer, LA, US

2008   September   Solo Exhibition (Body Paint Performance) Webster Hall, NY, USA


       July        Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, Vermont, USA Solo Exhibition, VERMONT STUDIO CENTER

                   (Red Mill Gallery) Vermont, USA

       May         Japan Association of Art Show (Japan Association Gallery), Tokyo, Japan


       January     Solo Exhibition (Hair Salon HAYATO Art Gallery) NY, USA

2007   December    Fashion Design Numina Project, exhibitor / art space organizer, NY, USA

       October     Fashion Brand Numina Collaboration Show, exhibitor / art space organizer, (Tungi Dada), NY, USA


       February    New Year's Greeting Cards by Artists (Toki Art Space) , Tokyo, Japan

2006   December    Small Article Show (Gallery Garaku), Nagoya, Japan


                   (Gallery Fukuyama), Ginza, Tokyo, Japan


       November    New Year's Greeting Cards by Artists, , Beograd, Serbia Montenegro

       October     (Promo-Arte Gallery), Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

       July        Seto City Art Exhibition (Seto City Community Center) Awarded "Encouragement Prize", Aichi, Japan

       March       Music X Art Enjoyable Space Show (Ao yama Hachi) exhibitor, art space director, Tokyo, Japan

       February    GALERIA RASEN 2006 Show (GALERIA RASEN) , Tokyo, Japan

2005   December    Small Article Show (Gallery Garaku) , Nagoya, Japan


       October     Solo Exhibition (GALERIA RASEN),Tokyo, Japan

       July        Solo Exhibition (Gallery Garaku), Nagoya, Japan

       May         (Gallery Fukuyama), Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

       April       (Gallery Kaze-No-Minori), Aichi, Japan

       January     GALERIA RASEN 2005 Show (GALERIA RASEN) , Tokyo, Japan

2004   Novermber   (Gallery Fukuyama) , Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

       February    GALERIA RASEN 2004 Show (Galeria Rasen) , Tokyo, Japan

                   Pure Ryute 2004 (Gallery Rakuza), Nagahama, Japan

2003   December    (Gallery Fukuyama) , Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

                   Solo Exhibition (GALERIA RASEN), Tokyo, Japan

       September   Solo Exhibition (Gallery APA), Nagoya, Japan


2002   November    Asian Art Now, Small Article Show (Gallery Tamamiseum), Nagoya, Japan

       October     Solo Exhibition (Art Core Lebel Gallery), Aichi, Japan
       July        The Third Art Mira Exhibition (Yada City Gallery), Awarded 2nd Grand Prix, Nagoya, Japan
       April      Asian Art Now 2002 (Las Vegas Art Museum) Las Vegas, USA Five Arts University Thesis Exhibition
                   (Tokyo Art Museum) Tokyo, Japan
    January     Graduation Exhibition (Tokyo Zokei University) Tokyo, Japan
2001  December    (Design Festa Gallery) , Tokyo, Japan Design Festa (Tokyo Big Site) , Tokyo, Japan
    November    Rubber Smell Show (Design Festa Gallery) Tokyo, Japan
    EDUCATION   Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Major in Sculpture, March 2002
AFFILIATIONS Japan Association of Art
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