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Rouge Water Vessel 


Deep in the darkness of the abyss
Through the dark blue cave
By the time you notice the colorless Self
Eventually you will arrive at
The edge of reality
The Self colors the surface of imaginary water
Dimly lit
Rouge remains 
2009, glass, copper / The artist
Moist Vermillion Sound 


As I am lured by a bright light

There are times when 

I taste the lonliness as I wear a mask everyday


I softly step into the Time of Stillness

Outside the frame of reality

Dark, deep abyss becomes moist and rust brown


From the night mist


It rots into the ripples upon the surface of imaginary water



While only the sound remains  




2005. 120 × 200× 250 cm Brass . Acrylic , Pastel / The artist




White Rust 



There are days when I get weary


Of pretending to be beautiful



Suddenly I notice



The dry air






Eventually, one will wander around


As one emerges out of the frame of reality



White Realm of No Mind


To the surface of imaginary water



As it slightly decays



With ripples remaining 




2005. 300 × 252 × 238 cmBrass . Copper / The artist

Three Inch Fingerprint 




That which accumulates daily

Those are my fingerprints

That reveal my 3-inch immaturity





Everyday is like fingerprints


Covered in air



Where are you going


When you're only 3 inches tall



Eventually, the fingerprints stop



And emerges outside of the ripples





On the surface of imaginary water


2003.190 × 30 x 25 cm Brass / The artist


Thread of Water Mirror



The Mundane repeats itself over and over again
Suddenly, I noticed peeking outside of
The frame of reality
At night, the surface of water expands
My Self emerges from the water from the ripples
And liberates various ornaments
Inside of a seasoned mirror
An important place exists where
One can become nothing again
My bliss is when I return to No Mind
Then, the Self is reflected
At midnight, upon the Water Mirror




2003 . 45 × 171 × 152 cm
Glass. Iron / Tokyo radiator corporation

 Japanese    Sound


Remains of Dew



As daily life dyes 


I look back your colorless self



I keep searching for the meaning of life


When every color sleeps


There comes into my sight eventually


Peeking out of my own color


On the surface of imaginary water


In the quiet of the mist


Revising my own color


The cloudless true color



And it will repeat



Slightly colored



Leaving ripples behind




2015. 45 × 260 × 125cm

Glass. Copper / The artist

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